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Bomb Blasts in Assam
Date: 10.31.2008
Dear Prayer partners

Today is the saddest day for the state of Assam.

I was sitting in my office in Guwahati working on my computer this morning. At 11:30 a.m., a huge blast shook the whole office. The tube light in my office came off. I ran out with all my staff and saw black smoke and flame just one block away on the road. I saw one person with jean lying with his stomach open and a lady with her skull blown out. They were dead. I recognized that it was a car bomb.

The crowd yelled and shouted but no one had the courage to go near the fire. The fire spread from one car to another. Nearby buildings were all full of smoke. The Police came with fire brigade after an hour. It was too late. Everything nearby was destroyed. We had dead bodies splintered all over the street. No body knew how many died. Some told me that few families who were in the car waiting were wiped out. I had seen these scenes in the TV but to see with my own eyes was very painful.

After an hour, I discovered that there were 5 bomb blasts all over the city and 11 bombs including other cities in Assam. Total death tolls rose to 66 and total injured are more than 300.

Later in the evening we discovered that two of our own boys from our Christians L.M. hostel were missing. Some of the staff rushed to hospitals. After hunting through several hospitals, one of the students could be identified by the wallet in his pocket. He body was completely disfigured beyond recognition. We could not find another. There are several bodies which are beyond recognition and some were scattered into pieces. Sorry for the gory details. Their families have been informed and they are likely to come today.

Pray for the situation. Different political parties are trying to make score out of it. Some political party have declared closure of the city and asked for the President rule.

I am concerned for the TLA training program that starts from Monday (Nov 3) in RRTC, Shilling. All delegates have to travel through Guwahati. Our resource persons, Pastor Lee and Mr. Scott Johnson are arriving tomorrow to Guwahati. Please pray that I will be able to received them and take them to Shillong.

Please pray for the peace and wisdom of God to prevail.

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