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TLA Training Center Construction

January 30, 2023

Many of you have very sacrificially invested in this long term impact project.

As per the builder’s request following are the concerns:

  1. In the next three months before the monsoon season starts, it will be crucial to make a faster progress on construction. Currently, the labor force is cut down by 70% because of the shortage of funds. We paid $38,690.00 in December 2023, but he is requesting for the next payment ASAP to continue the work.
  2. The Staff Quarters are almost finished but it needs an additional payment to do the tiling, plumbing, and final interior work.
  3. The central portion of Training Center which will have the Conference Center and the dining hall will need major attention in the construction.
  4. We need to pray for a miraculous donation of $450,000 to make work progress in the next three months. The Lord can do it and He is willing, but we do not know how and we are anxious. Let us pray earnestly about it.
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