Praise & Prayer: Praise God

Praise God for
Topic: Ministry in India
Date: 02.20.2011
the past events for enabling AK to minister and lead in the following activities:

1.UESI Triennial Conference, Patkai (Dec 26-Jan1)
2.Langham Preaching Seminar, Guwahati (Jan 10-14)
3.Consultation on Membership to CBCNEI, Guwahati (Jan 18)
4.CBCNEI Relief Works, Boko (Jan 22)
5.125th Year Celebration of KRIMA VIII (Jan 28-30)
6.Special BIM Consultation for Mission Strategy, Kolkata (Jan 31)
7.25th Years of Monsang Naga Baptist Churches Association, Chandel (Feb 4-6)
8.137th years of Garo Baptist Convention, Rangsonkona (Feb 10-13)
9.Hostel Ministry Board Meeting, Guwahati (Feb 16)


The 18th Triennial Conference (Feb 29-31, 2010) of Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) ended with a great success. I had the privilege to minister four times to a very impressive gathering, close to 1000 delegates (probably). The Conference was hosted by the Sangtam Churches (USBLA). Rev. C. Lima and his team did excellent job. I am deeply impressed by their generous warm hospitality. In spite of their limited resources, they made every delegate feel at home. Dr. Anjo Keikung, the General Secretary of NBCC and his team also did a wonderful job in coordinating the whole program. During their business session, they took many important decisions to strengthen the Churches. The Mission Department (NMM) also commissioned NINE missionaries to foreign land.


Ak led a two-days CONSULTATION to evaluate various aspects of the ministry of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India and recommend necessary CHANGES to strengthen the ministry. The participants found the meeting very timely and fruitful.

AK ministered in a Leaders Convention of Adi Baptist Union held in Pasighat from Oct 2-4, 2009. More than 150 leaders came from the remote parts of Arunachal Pradesh. The theme was “Who will go for us? (Isa 1:8) In the Sunday Service, in spite of the rain, a huge crowd filled inside and outside premises of the Church with umbrella. Several made decisions to actively engage in evangelism and mission.


Praise God for:

1. Farewell to Korean Law Internee

In a staff farewell meeting on Aug 18, Dr. Lama prayed and bid a warm farewell to Kim and Narae, two law students from Korea who worked under Mr. Atungo Shitiri, Hon. Secretary Justice and Peace Department of CBCNEI, for 45 days to prepare a road map for the department. Their sacrificial work, humility, and love left a powerful impression on CBCNEI staff.

2. Missionary Training:

A Missionary Training, with new emphases on Capacity Building, was held from Aug 10-18, 2009. The objective was to help missionaries, working in Arunachal and Assam, connect with the non-Christian farmers with the agricultural knowledge that would give them access to villagers. For four days, 12 evangelists were provided training on growing Mushroom, piggery, and Bee keeping. And for another four days they were trained on how to present the gospel through the practical training they received. Besides the Agricultural Trainers, Pastor Azizul Haque, Mr. Gibson Marak, Mr. Rolland Momin, Dr. Lama, and Dr. Asangla Ao were resource persons. Participants found the training to be unique and very helpful for their future ministry. They requested to organize more of such training for other evangelists.

2. A Training for Dibang Lohit Churches (DLBCA) Leaders, Arunachal

Dr. Lama had a narrow escape from a shipwreck on his way to DLBCA program. A two days training for the leaders of DLBCA was held from Aug 22-23 in Roing. Originally, he comes from this association. This was his first visit to his own association after taking over as the General Secretary of CBCNEI. Around 200 pastors and lay leaders attended the program. Dr. Lama spoke on Virtues of a godly leader. Earlier in a special ceremony, the leaders recalled and thanked God for his past contribution and celebrated present honor as the General Secretary of CBCNEI.

3. Ministry in Imphal:

On Aug 28, Dr. Lama visited secretaries and staffs of Manipur Baptist Convention (MBC). He was received with a very warm welcome. In a staff meeting, he had the opportunity to listen their dreams and aspiration for CBCNEI family. Please continue to pray for MBC and their ministry.

Union of Tangkhul Baptist Churches in Imphal organized a two day training program from Aug. 29-30. Around 200 Pastors and lay leaders attended this program. Dr. Lama spoke on How to Nurture Relationship between Pastor and Lay leaders, Vision and Mission of the Church, and How to Study Bible. On Sunday, he spoke in two Churches, where several responded and made commitment to Christ.

5. NC Hills Relief:

We are glad to inform you that CBCNEI released Rs 35000.00 to MBC to distribute relief medicines among affected refugees. Rev Solomon and Mr. Atungo Shitiri is constantly working to influence the leaders for peace in the region. Please continue to pray for the relief and peace initiative of CBCNEI.


Praise God for:

The training of 74 Christian pastors, leaders, and elders ended successfully here in Tsumeb. The group represented several tribes from Namibia and Angola speaking five different languages. I had to use three interpreters to teach and preach. The Lord blessed the training. Many told me that they were richly blessed.

My Reflections: Most leaders who came for training had never been to seminary. Most delegated were attending such a training for the first time. They were using Bibles but their biblical knowledge was very poor. They told me that the Churches they represent suffer from confusion on the teachings of the Holy Spirit. Most Christians in the rural areas are influenced by the indigenous witchcraft. They need more biblical teaching, but they do not have teachers. A majority of the delegates were from Baptist Church of the north east region (Rundu).

Praise God that those who came, their doubts were clarified. They returned with a clear biblical teachings.


Praise God for forty students who attended the Patkai Discipleship camp. One student from Thailand accepted Christ. AK took Bible study on the Book of Jonah, taught Doctrines of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. He also preached challanging messages in the evening, which led several students to rededicate their lives. Asangla taught practical sessions and did pre-marital counselling for the girls. AK also had opportunity to bring two Christmas message in a different gathering in Dimapur. God made the trip to Patkai and Dimapur very meaningful.


Praise God for the open air Christmas program organized by the United Christian Forum in Jorhat. AK was able to present the gospel to a gathering of more than 1500 people from other faith.


Praise God for success of the TLA training program in the RRTC from 5-8 Nov, 2008. In spite of the Bomb blasts in Guwahati and the political strikes, we had 12 pastors and Christian workers who showed up. Rev. Eclov Lee,Pastor of Village Church of Lincolnshire, Mr. Scott Johnson, AK and Asangla were blessed to involve in teaching the delegate.


Praise God for the three days EGF Conference in Kohima October 4-7, 2008. AK and Asangla were able to minister around 121 Graduates and students from all over Nagaland. God blessed the ocassion.


Praise God for the three days Counseling Workshop from Oct 16-19 for 70 leaders of the Achik Churches Association from Krima IV. AK and Asangla were able to minister in this program. AK also preached in the local Churches and the students fellowship group.


Praise God for the Counseling Workshop conducted by the Priscilla Ministries. Asangla was able to 20 women social workers in Biblical Counseling from Sept 20-23, 2008.


Praise God for the Priscilla Training for 20 women volunteers held in RRTC from Sept 20-24. During this program Dr. Asangla conducted training on Biblical counselling.

Praise God for Neema and Joshua's schooling in Kodaikanal International School. AK and Asangla travelled down south to drop Neema and Joshua in their new School from July 14-23. Neema is admitted in grade eleven and Joshua is in eighth.

Praise God for the motorbikes given to 6 evangelists in a dedication service on July 12. These evangelists work in very remote areas of Himalaya.

Praise God for AK and Asangla's ministry in the UESINE AGM meeting in Imphal from May 22-26, 2008. There were 132 delegates that represented seven states. The AGM was an annual business conference of UESINE. Asangla is the Zonal Secretary of this largest student and lay people's evangelistic movement in the northeast region. Asagnla took care of all the business sessions while AK took two Bible studies in morning and three evening devotions. Even though it was supposed to be a Christian gathering, AK gave an altar call every evening. Several (perhaps more than 15) accepted Jesus Christ publically and all most all of them re-dedicated their lives. Many said that this was the first time they had attended a business conference with so much of spiritual blessings. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your constant prayer for AK and Asangla's minsitry.


For AK's preaching ministry in a Discipleship Camp from May 5-8, where more than 40 students made decision to be available to go for Missions.

For two individuals who received Baptism on May 11.

For AK and Asangla's ministry in Calcautta Bible College from April 12-13.

For the ministry of the Word of God at the Shillong Baptist Church. On Palm Sunday, more than 15 individuals stood to make their committment to Christ.

For Six individuals who come forward to recieve Baptism on April 6.

For safe return of Jim and Eleanor. Their time in India was very demanding healthwise. They were sick and worn out after their long stay and active involvement in the TLA ministries in India, but we rejoice with them as they have returned safe.

For the blessing of Dr. Stan Lewis, Pastor FBC, who enouraged them and invited them to give the ministry report to the First Baptist Church of Birmingam.

For Jim and Eleanor as they have arrived in Shillong safe today dated Feb 16. They are doing well and looking forward to minister in the TLA Training Workshop 2008. They are sorry to learn about Brother Dan Riley, their fellow brother at First Baptist family, passing to glory.


For 60 Christian workers who have registered to attend TLA Training Workshop 2008 beginning from Feb 18-23 at the RRTC Shillong.


PRAY for

Mr. Jim Thomason and Eleanor, as they travel to Shillong and teach in the Training Workshop. Pray also for the following other faculty members.

1. Mr. Richard Masih will teach Biblical Leadership
2. Rev. L. Malsawmma will teach Virtues of Godly men
3. Mrs. Asenla will teach Virtues of Godly women
4. Dr. Asangla will teach Biblical Counselling
5. Dr.A. K. Lama will teach Biblical Preaching.


Praise God

for five individuals who recieved Baptism at Shillong Baptist Church by AK on Feb 4.


for Dibang Lohit Baptist Youth Conference held from Jan 3-6, 2008 at Meka village. AK led a team of 25 members from Shillong Baptist Church. 510 youths attended the conference and 52 youths from other faith accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

The trip to this remote part had many hurdled and obstacles but the Lord did miracles to help the team return with gratitude and joy. According to DLBCYA leaders, this conference was a blessing because many repented and turned to the Lord in tears. Praise God!

At the end of an excellent Christmas Pageant presented for the first time by shillong Baptist Church, AK had the previlege to present the simple good news of Christmas to nearly 400 invitess at the Naga Community Hall on Jan 21, 2008.


for AK was able to present Christmas message to more than 250 youth in the YWCA Advance Christmas Celebration Program on Nov 13.

for AK's preaching in the cosecration service of Shillong South Evangelical Union on Nov 18. About 300 youth were present.

for AK baptized 4 converts on Nov 25. Two comes from Hindu background.

for Advance Christimas celebration by Shillong North Evangleical Union which had a gathering of 200 youth. AK deliverd a powerful Christmas message.


for AK and Asangla's ministry in the CMN Conference Delhi.

for about 30 students who made commitment in the CMN Conference.

for the opportunity for AK to teach Hebrew to 34 students at John Roberts Theological Seminary, Shillong.

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* for AK's teaching and preaching ministry
1. in the NEHU EU Freshers' Meet on Oct 4. More than 150 students were present.
2. in a seminar organised by Shillong school of Leadership on Oct 6. 20 leaders attended.
3. in the Council of Baptist Churches Leaders Retreat. AK took three sessions. 20 leaders were present.
4. on Every Sunday preaching at Shillong Baptist Church. 250-300 attends the service.
5. through the Bible Study from the first letter of Corinthians on every Saturday 4-6 p.m.. 20-25 attends.
6. through the Bible Study from the Book of Romans every Thursday from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Northeastern Hill University Campus. Around 25-30 attends.


* for AK and Asangla have begun their ministry at the Shillong Baptist Church (SBC). AK preached last four Sundays and received encouraging response.


* AK and Asangla have begun their life in Shillong. The transition was very smooth.

* AK ministered at the First Baptist Church of Birmingham on July 22. In the same service, his son Joshua recived Baptism. The family was consecrated for the ministry and given a warm reception at the end of the service.


Revival Conference at Immanuel Baptist Church

* AK spoke in a four-day revival conference at Immanuel Baptist Church (July 15-18' 07), Pontotoc, MS. The Lord blessed his preaching exceedingly. Two persons responded to accept Christ for the first time and several re-dedicated their lives. The Pastor and deacons warmly encouraged the members to support the TLA ministry. AK and family were richly blessed. Many assured to pray for the family and the ministry. The Lord expanded the family of prayers warriors. Praise the Lord!


* God blessed AK's ministry at the Odonville Baptist Church on July 8. Please pray for Rev. Loren Aderhold, the Pastor, for his doctoral dissertation writing.


Praise God:

for enabling TLA to equip, encourage, and empower several pastors and evangelists in northeast India.

for enabling TLA to provide twelve motorbikes to native workers.

for providing Scholarships for theological studies to three seminary students in India.
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