Ministry: Mission Trip India

2004 India Mission Trip


Map of India
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7 Departure from Chicago, via London by British Airways
9 Arrival Calcutta
8-11 Visa application
Overcoming jetlag
Local visits
12 Departure Calcutta by Indian Airlines
Arrival Dibrugarh
13 Departure Dibrugarh by Taxi
Arrival Tezu
14-19Visit family and friends
Ministry in Tezu
20 Departure Tezu by Taxi
Arrival Dimapur
21-23Visit family and friends
Ministry in Dimapur
24 Departure Dimapur by Bus
Arrival Guwahati/Dispur
24-27TLA Leaders Training (first)
[TLA Board of Directors will join here]
28-30Departure Guwahati/Dispur by Taxi
Arrival Shillong
Ministry with UESI-NE friends
[TLA Board of Directors will also join]
29 Departure Shillong by Bus
[TLA Board of Directors will Fly out from Guwahati to Delhi to US)

1 Arrival Itanagar
1-4 TLA Leaders Training (second)
5-9 Local visitation
10 Departure Itanagar by Bus
11 Arrival Guwahati/Dispur
Departure Guwahati/Dispur by Train
13 Arrival Mussorie (New Delhi)
Visit the Woodstock School
15 Departure from Mussorie by train
Arrival New Delhi
16-18 Visit New Delhi
19 Departure New Delhi to Chicago, via London by British Airways
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