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2004 India Mission Trip

Praise and Prayer News
June 24, 2004

Dear Prayers Partners,

We could not write to you earlier than this because there were no Internet and telephone facilities in the places we have visited so far.

The Lord has blessed us a very blessed time of renewal and revival as we met our friends and relatives in last two weeks. We met most of them after five years but some of them after 10-15 years.

We arrived safe in Kolkata on June 9 (except for one missing luggage which we have not received till date). On June 10 we went for Visa renewal. Initially, we were disappointed because our photographs for Visa taken in US were rejected and we had to go out and take our pictures again. Praise God that our visas are renewed. Thank you for your prayers.

Kolkata has not changed much since we last visited except for the value of items in the market places which has sky rocketed! In the afternoon, we had time of fellowship with Mr. Aboo Varghese and his family. Aboo is one of our old friends who has been working in Kolkata among college students for more than 15 years. On behalf of TLA we handed over the grant of $500 for the leaders training project in Kolkata.

On June 11, we flew from Kolkata to Dibrugarh and took a taxi for our hometown Tezu. It was another tough and challenging journey, as we had to cross six rivers on ferryboat. We arrived Asangla’s parent’s home at 8:30p.m., tired and exhausted, but we were refreshed meeting our relatives and friends who were anxiously waiting for us for quite some time. Next seven days were time of great reunion and fellowship.

Our hometown Tezu has four churches but unfortunately there has been strained relationship among them. The lack of mutual respect and love among Christian leaders and church members has confused the non-Christian seekers. The Lord led us to address this issue on priority. He helped us to conduct one day combined training retreat for all the churches, which was very successful. Around 50-70 participants attended the one day retreat. AK ministered in one Bible Study group, two Sunday services and one Saturday service which were attended by a big crowd. Some of them had returned to their church after 3-5 years. Praise the Lord!

Our Visit to Tezu and then to Dimapur on June 21-22 was aimed at renewing our family tie and also encouraging each other through sharing the Word of God. There are many in AK’s relatives circle who still practice other faith while in Asangla’s relatives circle, many needed spiritual revival. In last four years, both families have undergone many physical, mental, and spiritual crises. It was a great opportunity for us to share our lives with them. To some we presented Bible along with other gifts and to some counseling. We challenged them to surrender their lives to Christ. We had three family prayer meetings (almost a small Church as there were 25-30 family members and some neighbors) where AK preached with love and boldness to consider the crucified Christ. We praise God as many family members wept, repented and turned to God in prayers. Please pray that all our family members (both AK’s and Asangla’s) will continue to honor God above all.

On June 23, we arrived at Guwahati and met Mr. Decruz, who warmly welcomed us. He has done a hard work in preparing for the TLA sponsored training program. He is expecting around 65 delegates from all over North-east region. Pray that the Spirit of God will visit us. Pray for Rev. Pau (Gen. Secy, Council of Baptist Church in North-east India), Mr. Decruz, Mr. Joshua Massar, Mrs. Eldora, Mr. Ivan, Mr. Dester, Dr. Asangla and AK as they minister for next three days in Guwahati. As soon as I get access to Internet I will inform you more about this program. Praying for you as you continue to pray for us.

AK and Asangla

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