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2004 India Mission Trip

July 1, 2004

Dear Prayer Partners,

We are now in Itanagar (Capital of Arunachal Pradesh) and staying in Arunachal Hotel where the Leadership Training Conference will be held. By Godís grace and because of your prayers, we all are doing fine, especially; Sonam, Neema, and Joshua have been so cooperative and willing to learn new things. Their greatest hurdle has been eating unpredictable hotel food, unhygienic living condition, and the terrible heat of the summer. But they seem to be enjoying the trip so far.

We arrived Itanagar yesterday after 12 hours of long exhausting drive on dirt-road. We were refreshed as the local church leaders and the organizing committee warmly welcomed us. Although we were extremely tired, we found ourselves in deep conversation for several hours discussing many current problems that they were facing. Later the Organizing Committee briefed us on the Leadership Training Program that we were going to begin tomorrow. Finally, it was at 9:00 P.M., after a brief meeting and prayers, we were allowed to relax.

The Leadership Training Program in Itanagar is going to be a great challenge as AK and Asangla are the only resource persons. AK will have to take three sessions per day while Asangla will take one session. Pray that the Lord will bless this training program.

Earlier, the training program in Guwahati ended successfully and then we moved to Shillong and had a very fruitful time with the friends and staffs of the ministry we preciously worked with. Following are the updates on Guwahati and Shillong programs:

Guwahati (Assam):

ďTransforming Youth Leadership in North East IndiaĒ was held from Jun 24-27, ?2004. The greatest hurdle in Guwahati was heat and food. There was continuous power outage so we sweated a lot and struggled to function normal. There were around 55 participants. Many could not come because they were informed late. The following subjects were taught:

Basic skills in hermeneutics and Biblical exegesis (by Dr. A.K. Lama); Basic skills in counseling (by Dr. Asangla Ao); What is leadership? (Mr. DeCruz); How to handle conflicts? (Mrs. Eldora Lyngdoh); Communication (Mr. Ivan Lyngdoh). Mr. Dester Thangkhiew led the worship every day. The delegates were given opportunity to raise questions in order to clarify their doubts and confusions. In the final session, AK emphasized on the leadersí commitment to the practice of godliness in their day-to-day life. When AK invited the participants to make commitment, most participants in the congregation began crying. The eagerness for renewal and to live a godly life was real. The meeting prolonged as many wanted to spend more time in prayers.

Outside the training program, AK preached in Medical Christian Fellowship where several in the congregation rededicated their lives. AK also preached in Guwahti EGF fellowship. While Asangla preached in Engineering College Student Fellowship,

One of the most blessed moments in Guwahati for AK was meeting his nephew (older brotherís only son) and niece (younger sisterís daughter) who are from Buddhist and Hindu family background respectively. AK had invited them to the meeting where he shared his testimony, explaining how and why he became Christian. Later he presented them Bible.

Shillong (Meghalaya):

Our primary purpose to go to Shillong was to visit staffs, graduates and other friends with whom we worked for eight years before going for study in USA. As we met them, we were refreshed by seeing the excitements on their faces. The Lord led us to encourage them in their good work and helped us to see how our Lord fulfilled our dreams and vision. Most of the needs we prayed for when we joined the UESI ministry in 1990 have been answered. Praise God!

AK conducted a seminar on the Psalter in the EGF meeting, which was appreciated by most participants. We could visit four families who are now heading Christian ministries in the Northeast and encouraged them. We had a brief group meeting with the UESI-NE staffs where AK exhorted them to continue the good work they are doing. AK also counseled two staff as they were considering to get married and go for further study. North-east still lacks theologically qualified and well trained leaders. We need to gradually develop young leaders who are qualified in skills like Counseling, Communication, Hermeneutics and Biblical Exegesis. We need more evangelical theologians who will teach in seminaries. Most seminaries do not have adequate number of faculties. AK has met several Christian leaders who are seeking help for such training.

Our trip thus far has been full of miracles. There were many obstacles on the way. The natural calamities in Arunachal and the political situation in Assam have been worsened ever since we landed here. There were floods in Arunachal and there were several bomb blasts in Assam. We underwent thorough security check on our way and sometime got stranded because of the strike and blockade, but overall the Lordís hand has been upon us and we are enjoying the ministry. By the way, we found our lost baggage finally. British Airways has delivered the baggage to us here in Itanagar.

Thank you once again for your prayers and the words of encouragement through email. We apologize for not being able to reply individually. It has been difficult to access Email here. It is expensive and time consuming. You can click open your email and go for a bath and you will find it still opening when you return!!! Lesson to learn in India--- SLOW DOWN AND RELAX!

Praying for you all.
AK & Asangla

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