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The Way is Forward

August 24, 2008
Rev. Dr. A. K. Lama
Shillong Baptist Church


For those of us who have received the forgiveness of sin through the sacrificial death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for those who know that Jesus himself is their high priest interceding on their behalf, the way is forward not backward.

The writer of Hebrews, therefore, implores Christians to move forward in five areas of their Christian living. First, we must continually draw near to God. Second, we should hold unswervingly to the hope God has given. Third, we should consider spurring with one another. Fourth, we must fellowship with each other continually. Fifth, we must encourage each other daily.

We are already near to God; however, we are never too near to God to ignore the need of an increasingly closer proximity of God. Our hearts are deceptive. It requires constant cleansing and purification. The closer we are to God the purer and cleaner it will be. We need a heart that has been continually sprinkled by the blood of Jesus Christ and continually cleansed by the Word of God.

Dr. Lama expounds the text making it relevant to an audience at the Shillong Baptist Church, Shillong, northeast India.

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