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Why God? Why?

May 18, 2008
Rev. Dr. A. K. Lama
Shillong Baptist Church


The recent natural catastrophe has resulted several thousands dead in China and Myanmar. Many are made homeless, orphan, widow, and handicapped. Children are undergoing mental shock and trauma. Someone may ask why God allows suffering. Why tragedy strikes to the saint and sinner alike? Is God fair? Does it matter to him?

Many who suffered and died in the past in such natural catastrophe, in accident, and with disease were decent people. They didnít deserve such a death. Why do bad things happen to good people? It is a question asked again and again down through the ages.

One day or the other, this question will shaken our faith in God. Our faith in Jesus will go through the test of fire? It will be tested for its genuineness. We will have to answer these hard questions in all its fairness when the tragedy will strike us.

In this sermon "Why God? Why?", Rev (Dr.) A. K. Lama tries to explain the issue of suffering. He elucidates why life brings first and why it brings as it brings. Then, he points out the limitation of the human rational that makes simplistic conclusion. Finally, he affirms on the indisputable goodness of God that prevails even amidst our adverse experience. May God strengthen your faith in Him!

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