Devotionals: October 2007
His Yoke is Easy and Light
Date: 10.21.2007
Jesus claims that his yoke is easy and his burden is light (Mt 11:30), but it is possible that in reality we may find Jesus’ yoke become very heavy and his burden unbearable. This may be so for various reasons.

Firstly, since Jesus’ yoke is not very impressive in its look, we might put some additional material on it to make it look gorgeous or replace it with the one that is exuberant and dignified. Secondly, we may expect Jesus’ yoke to fly and his burden to tickle us to laugh in our daily walk with Jesus. Thirdly, we might carry the yoke and the burden all by ourselves in a different direction, few steps behind or ahead of Jesus.

It is possible, therefore, even after a long day of labor and toil, we may be discontent, bitter, and frustrated. We may chew the food without relishing it. We may roll on the bed anxiously without enjoying the sleep. In search of the future, we may miss the present and run out of time to cherish the glorious past.

This is why the writer of Hebrews invites us to enter the rest (Heb 4:11) in God today. Let us Work as though all needs to be done, let us rest as though nothing is left undone. Let us ring the bell and blow the siren timely. Say it outloud, “Its time to go home!” May God help us to rest in Jesus and enjoy every moment and every breath of our life on a daily basis

Devotionals: October 2007
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