Devotionals: September 2008
Who will defend Christians in Orissa?
Date: 09.07.2008
The cruel and heinous atrocities in Orissa have exposed the spiritual bankruptcy of a man-made religion once again. When a person occupies the throne of one’s own belief system, one has no resource available other than one’s own human body and mind. Such a person has no access to the divine wisdom, the divine love, and the divine compassion. Often moved by the power of human emotion and mob-mentality, they acquiesce themselves to violence and murder. They blow themselves to blow others.

Is there any way we can prevent them? Our human resources may provoke us to retaliate; however, our divine resource may challenge us to retain our identity as the people of God. Our belief system is anchored in a living God who is just and assures “vengeance” (Ps 149:7). His judgment is sure and certain. He will destroy all the wicked and reward the righteous. No one will walk away with their sin. There will be a pay day. Most of them will begin paying here on this earth for their wickedness but the worst will come to them when they will stand before the white throne. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.” Our prayer goes to the suffering brethren in Orissa.

Devotionals: September 2008
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