Devotionals: April 2008
How do I become Christian?
Date: 04.20.2008
Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? Are you a believer? Where will you go if you die today? Are you born again? Prior to 1978, such questions were very strange to me. Neither I dared to clarify these questions nor anyone explained them to me. I presumed that they were asking me if I was a Christian. But I would wonder why not ask a simple question, “Are you a Christian?”

The question of initiation in Christian faith is not as simplistic as that. We read in Jonn 3, Nikodemus, a pious religious person who was sincerely committed to the practice of the rituals (the Karma/Deeds) in his religion, needed a long discourse with Jesus.

Christian faith is more than a practice of religion. It is a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ, which develops in a person when one realizes one’s wretched sinful nature and the gravity of its consequences in relation to Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross. This relationship is initiated as one repents and gives the rest of one’s entire life to Jesus.

To allow the initiation of Christian faith in our life, one must be willing to release oneself completely into the hands of Jesus through faith in him. One must be sensitive to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, humbling oneself with an egoless, broken, and contrite heart. On the one hand, one needs the work of Holy Spirit to cause it. On the other hand, one also needs to overcome the inbuilt human resistance (the sin of ego and self) against the work of God in one’s life. One must allow one’s heart to be filled with an absolute love and devotion for Jesus. This can happen to you if you pray today.

Devotionals: April 2008
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