Devotionals: May 2008
Facing Criticism
Date: 05.04.2008
What shall we do when someone criticizes us? We may feel insulted, hurt, and therefore, we react. We get infected by the attitude and tactics of the critics. But our spiritual maturity and the wisdom from God will suggest us that such reaction would not defend our cause. Garry R. Collins, a well known biblical counselor and the writer under whom Asangla had the privilege to be trained, suggests the following helpful tips:
(1)Look for kernels of truth that might be lurking in the rhetoric.
(2)Engage critics, if possible, but in a spirit of gentleness and respect.
(3)Avoid the critic’s tactics. Little is accomplished by confrontation, criticism, public debates, or proclamations of injustice. These responses give the critics attention, credibility and legitimacy.
(4)Avoid rumination. Debates with like-minded colleagues can reinforce self-righteous indignation, pride, and feelings of victimization. Avoid over-reacting.
(5)Expect more criticism. If you are a coach, counselor, leader, or someone in ministry, it is likely that your motives and actions will be challenged.
(6)Remember that competence is the best defense. We can learn from our critics and make needed changes.
May the good Lord help us to be spiritually mature and wise.

Devotionals: May 2008
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